Shared Reading

Each week a different reading strategy was introduced or reinforced during shared reading.  We also focused on certain patterns in words.  The examples I have listed are things that I added to the shared reading lessons in addition to the strategies and word study.

Acting Out the Story

Three students were the narrators and the rest of the students were characters in the story.  As the narrators read the story, the characters acted it out.  In this story, guests keep arriving at the house and they have to divide the chocolate chip cookies evenly every time a new guest arrives.  The students demonstrated this as they performed their roles.

Venn Diagram

After we read the story Aiken Drum, the students listened to Raffi's version of the story in song.  We used a venn diagram to compare and contrast the story and the song.

Using a Map

On the Go by Ann Morris discusses how people use transportation around the world.  Using a world map, we marked each place with a label of the type of transportation discussed as we read the story.

Reader's Theater

We spent several weeks discussing plays.  Who Will Bell the Cat? was their first exposure to this type of text in 1st grade.  They performed it as a reader's theater skit.


During Writer's Workshop, we were working on using sequencing words to organize their stories.  After reading this story, each pair of students got a sentence strip with a part of the story written on it.  They had to decide what sequence they should line up in.