Each morning we had math calendar.  I went through the same routine every morning, however, the skills became more advanced as they progressed throughout the year.  I used popsicle sticks to call on the students during the calendar portion.  Since each student was assigned a magic number, I used their numbers for the rest of the calendar activities so I was sure that each student had a turn.  If a student was completing an activity at the calendar, the rest of the students are doing the same thing on their own white boards.


1.  Calendar (add the date, state day of the week, complete the pattern)
2.  Math skill (addition problem using two dice, using a number scale to complete an addition problem, etc.)
3.  Graphing activity
4.  Time (given the time in digital form and have to add the hands to the clock or vice versa)
5.  Bulletin Board (each month the skill changes)